By Gilbert Washington for Tessa & Lisa

We were seeking playmates for an unforgettable time when we were invited to a party in Las Vegas. I had Tessa and my twin had Lisa and it was indeed filled with so many unforgettable moments. They have a most soothing sense of humor. Tessa and Lisa are the best.

By Gerbert Locke for Sunny

I can't explain the kind of depressing day I was having the day I called and met up with Sunny. Sunny brought into my life a whole lot of light which I was needing to feel alive again. She struck a part of me I am yet to recover from. She has a good heart and of course, an alluring body.

By Howard Cohen for Angie & Roxy

I am in awe of the way Angie and Roxy played with each other, my heart kept skipping a beat. They knew the strings of role play and did it professionally. It took me away from the very usual and conventional practices, they were fantastic.

By Jorge Tulip for Linda

I still fantasize about my time with Linda. What struck me the most was finding out how educated and enlightened she is. We shared ideas and beautiful memories together, I was insanely impressed. She is one I would love to keep as a friend, most definitely.

By Clark Thompson for Virgo

Give me Vegas without an epitome of gorgeousness like Virgo and I won't take it. She has made my weekly official trips to Vegas all the more meaningful. She is intelligent and so full of humor.

By Simon Gustavo for Ariella

Ariella has the class, charisma and soft appeal. I loved spending time with her, our chemistry was amazingly refreshing. I am not deliberating, I have to see her again.

By Benny Gilbert for Adriana & Sara

It was very nice meeting with these beautiful ladies! Bodies so sexy, skin so soft and perfumed, they were as entertaining as ever. Services were great. What can I say? The meeting was just perfect. I hope to see them again soon!

By T. Frier for Summer

I stay in Canada but flew into Las Vegas for a series of corporate events, so, to find some fun, I checked out Summer's page and called her up. What a great companion she proved herself to be, we had delightful conversations and a passionate time together. Las Vegas is re-visit for me to see Summer again.

By Keanu Mitch for Kumiko

I have used quite a number of entertainment sites and been deceived many times. The girl that finally shows up for the date is different from the shapy and really sexy image on the site. For Kumiko, it was refreshing to know that she was clearly represented, even more beautiful in person. She met my desires and I was satisfied.

By Tony Louis for Sayaka

Sayaka is as unique as her name. She is far from doing things the conventional way. She approached our time together from a whole different angle, making me feel things I had not felt before. I am certain I will be visiting Las Vegas again soon so, we can spend more time together.

By Johnson T. for Courtney

What a cute, young lady Court was. Her video already got me warmed up, we had a blast. We had some things in common such as favorite music and food. I really like her.

By Howard Watson for Mariah

I didn't think twice before picking to spend an evening with Mariah. Her photos had me drooling lustfully so I called her up. From her beauty to her curvy and voluptuous body, I did some work containing my excitement. Yes, she was also classy and discreet. Since I live and work in Vegas, we will definitely be meeting again.

By Fred Robertson for Madeline

I appreciate the bubbly nature of Madeline, she was all about positive and graceful energy. We had a wonderful time over dinner before sharing special moments over cocktails and karaoke. We wound off the night on a sweet note.

By J.P. Oziil for Valentina

Her page is real and updated. Her service was brilliant, she turned out to be a skilled Dominatrix. I actually felt sad leaving her, she had me so attached. I saw her with my buddy and we had a wild night with her. Her boobs and body features are the perfect ensemble. If we could have stayed back just a few more days, I would have just to remain with Valentina. Will book ahead of my next trip.

By Shah Ratnani for Priya

She walked in and was dressed in a tight black dress that hugged her assets, she instantly made my hairs move. We started chatting about my stay in Las Vegas and at some point, things started heating up, it was hard keeping my composure with Priya's touch. I give it to her, she is good at what she does.

By Allen Miller for Mandy

I realized very recently my love for both sexes. I have been gay virtually all my life, but meeting Mandy launched a new route to my world of adventures. Now I can add more spice to my love life. It doesn't hurt to try out exciting stuff, especially with a sexy woman like Mandy.

By Gavin Miles for Bonny

If anyone had told me I could be this fulfilled being with a woman simply contacted via an online site, I would grossly object. My friends called on Bonny as my companion at our camping event some nights ago and she was a fantastic one. From light conversations to so much romantic gestures, I will definitely do this again, and with Bonny.

By Stephen Canon for Joselyn

The more I visit Las Vegas, the more endeared I am to the city and all it has to offer, especially the cute, pretty women like Joselyn. One thing we had in common was our love for wine, we drank together and simply let go of all our worries while making memories I still cherish.

By Dylan A. for Mini

I guess because I do not like my time being messed with, I try to hire only entertainers that may seem to have that as a quality. I saw on Mini's page how she makes every minute count and that just won me over. She was not bluffing, she made my time and money on her worth it. Will give her a shot again when I take a trip to Las Vegas.

By Terry Hannon for Morgan

I recently found that I could experience a lot of fun being in Las Vegas. I met with Morgan on my last trip and she was a real girlfriend material. She touched a place in my heart that had been untapped for a long time. I appreciate her honesty and her willingness to serve only the best.

By Justin Rakeman for Brenda

I couldn't believe just how fresh and suave Brenda was in the pictures until we met a few days back when I checked into Vegas for a premiere. She glowed like a gem. No words, with her it was full action. I told myself I will be seeing her again.

By Remy Z. for Ameena

My whole body lit up when I saw her succulent-looking body, she has a body to die for. She had no issues understanding how I like to be entertained and she delivered spot on. Amazing girl.

By Tito Mendoza for Kay

I looked in on Kay's body, she is fabulous! She was tender with me, touching and caressing me in places that drove me wild. She woke me up big time and I will come back, I promised her.

By Carlos Sanchez for Anastasia

Anastasia gave me an intoxicating massage, she told me to relax and I did. A very professional young lady, she served me quality care and romance. I am charged up for the next time.

By Taoheed M. for Shelly

I looked at Shelly's photos and I felt like burying my lips in those succulent-looking boobs of hers. She has the attitude that just makes you keep on wanting her. A tasteful sense of humor and a hearty laughter that makes your heart just melt.

By Gillan Trilton for Sahara

I admit I am very hard to please as a customer because of my exposure and taste. Sahara is in a class of her own. I knew she would be good, but not as good as she was when I met her in person. She has an appealing attitude and sensual smell that keeps on coming back to me the moment I close my eyes.

By Tom Klinton for Rita

What amazed me about Rita was meeting her and having her ask me what the things I didn't enjoy were. I saw it as far from what any escort had thought to ask me in the past. Very sensitive and steady with her approach. She tops the list for me.

By B. Blyton for Wendy

I called on her when I landed Las Vegas and my experience with her was rejuvenating for my soul, mind, and body. Her body is an epic work of art, will give anything to see her again.

By Derick Gunn for Sherlyn

Seeing Sherlyn dance in her video gave me the idea that she was free-spirited. I was right, she is zestful and very romantic. She rocked my world, heart, and body.

By Ethnan Sipe for Raven

The first thing I did was gave Raven a hug, and I was indeed surprised to find out she was all real. That got me endeared to her the more. Her touches were deeply felt and for a minute, I wished our night together won't come to an end. Anyway, I know just what to do to see her again.

By Marvin Abrams for Mandy

Before I met Mandy, I had no idea there was more to the world of romance than the normal. I experienced something new and overwhelming with her and I had no regrets whatsoever.

By Peter Jankowski for Bri

Her flawless skin glowed into my eyes when I saw her page. She turned out to be a perfect blend of beauty and brains. She was very bent on making my night an unforgettable one. She didn't need to go far before I literally melted. A must-have again for sure!

By Tobby Lash for Shelly

Ending my weekend with a short and crisp session with Shelly was all I needed to get me started on a new week at work back home. She has some amazing dance moves, very entertaining. Thanks, Shelly.

By Jason Waltman for Alexa

I am always in awe of women like Alexa who know just what I need at every point in time. My date with her was not my first and it would certainly not be my last.

By Lionel Roberts for Sahara

I liked Sahara for her dashing looks, she has the kind of gaze that just makes me want to have her to myself. I called her and I volunteered to go over to Las Vegas to see her. Great time we had, she is as adventurous as I like my women to be. I made a great choice!

By Bambino for Lela

I buried my face in the luscious feel of Lela's bosom, she indulged my many rich fantasies during our session. It dawned on me just how much I needed the warmth of an alluring and sexy woman. I cherish what we shared.

By Cody for Jessica

Jessica is an amazing companion. Very charming young lady, always smiling and sophisticated. The time spent with her was the best of my weekend in Las Vegas. It was a wonderful experience, to be repeated!

By Jimmy Burns for Karen

I called Karen and her voice lured me to her the moment I heard it. I was even more excited to find out she is in Las Vegas. Her voice was the same as I heard it on the phone, very soothing. She whispered sweet things to me that drove me crazy. She is awesome with a bright personality.

By Tinie Graham for Irina

Being with Irina again will be a dream come true. I had a reunion to attend around Las Vegas, I called Irina and she said she was in Las Vegas. That got me ecstatic and I invited her. We had a fabulous experience, my friends liked her disposition, very polite.

By J. Rock Jr. for Laura

Very energetic and zestful, Laura is the kind of escort that I needed to occupy my time through the weekend. She's very entertaining. Crazy about her.

By Jason Milfred for Chelsea

She is one of the best I have been with in a long while. She has an amazingly soft side to her approach, she took her time to address my needs. We talked, laughed and had a lot of fun. I couldn't have asked for better.

By T. Schuks for Sara

To think I almost didn't go on my trip because of some flimsy reason, it would have cost me my chance of being with a phenomenal woman as Sara. Her taste and appetite happened to be the same as mine and that made us click so well. Awesome companion.

By Curt Mills for Rita

She drizzled sweet kisses all over me, I felt like a spoilt baby, so much pamper all in the one night we spent together. She offered no dull moment, I completely let go of my worries in her company.

By Leon Trevo for Karen

I had to pick between visiting LA or Las Vegas last month. When I stumbled on Karen's page, I knew I was choosing Las Vegas over LA. Headed out there and coming back was hard, she gave me a long list of unforgettable memories to hold on to. What a great time it was.

By Jedidiah Jay for Anastasia

She actually took her time to do justice to all my desires, I could not believe so much attention to detail as possessed by Anastasia. Her hands sort of performed magic on my tensed nerves. She is the one for me.

By Wesley Green for Sherlyn

I called out a few friends for a getaway in Las Vegas. Called on Sherlyn and made a date with her so she will co-host with me and be my date for the night. Her friends came along as well to keep my friends company. She has a very sweet appeal and knows how to satisfy a man like me. Especially because of her, my getaway location will be Las Vegas for the next couple of months.

By Brandon Mills for Brenda

I am an ardent lover of coffee, so, on sighting Brenda, she gave me a show of what true beauty and poise meant. She swung herself with so much radiance, I was proud I selected her among the lot. When she had me all to herself, I simply let her do her thing and she wowed me. If this is what two nights in Las Vegas felt like with her, I am tempted to have her again.

By Ralph V. for Shanaya

Funny enough, I have always been a big fan of young Indian women. I found out she was Indian when we met and that made me want her all the more. Very urbane and educated, I could dedicate time out to see her every week.

By Brian F. for Tina

Living in Vegas can be a bore when you lack the knowledge of the right places and people to hang out with. I hit a jackpot with Tina. She is full-bodied with a killer-figure. She fits the description of the woman that blows my mind. I can't forget the memories we made in a hurry.

By Donald G. for Rayne

Love me a dose of Rayne any day after our first encounter and I will gladly oblige! I had been having a rough time at work and needed some succor. I made the move to check up this website and stumbled on Rayne's page, so, I called her up. She gave me the time of life, I had no reason to complain.

By Ford Macmillan for Rosie

Trust me when I say I had not been served better than the service Rosie rendered me. I do Architectural work during my week which gets me totally spent. I needed optimum relaxation, so I headed out to Las Vegas and contacted Rosie. She pampered me like a baby, no complains.

By Shawn H. for Carmen

Her youthful features stole my heart, I like to roll with those that come across as flexible. She wasn't shy at all in expressing how mutual the attraction was and I appreciated that genuineness. I have experienced being with her just once, but I will see her again most definitely.

By Andy Kent for Antonova

I have so many reasons to fly into Las Vegas many times in the year, Antonova just became one of those reasons. She is a lady that knows her worth and getting intimate with such a woman gives me all the security I need. Seeing her soon!

By David Parkson for Ritta

Oh, Ritta indeed concentrated on the things that turned me on. She gave my body the treat it had been needing. I appreciate her sense of humor, made me feel comfortable.

By James Fitzgerald for Shizuka

Shizuka is an exotic companion, she availed me all I needed to feel good. She has given me sufficient reason to fly down to Las Vegas every other weekend.

By Zack Matthew for Victoria

Given the number of times I travel down to Las Vegas in a year, I saw the need to make a friend who I will have with me during my stay each time I come. In the time we have known each other, Victoria has been nothing short of an elegant woman, one with so much integrity. She pays attention to detail and that just turns me on the more. We will be friends for much longer I can tell.

By Walter Mann for Ria

The fun and zest to life that reflected in Ria the day we met made me appreciate her. Pretense was far from her, we talked about anything and everything. She felt no need to hold back and that just put me at ease with her.

By Alfredo G. for Elizabeth

A Caucasian woman is my very weakness. Elizabeth glows like the very sun, she exudes so much sophistication. I didn't mind to spend a whole weekend with her when I was invited to Vegas by some old friends, it was a privilege.

By Gabby K. for Tara

I took a much closer look at Tara's body features when looking through her page. I was wondering to myself if all I saw was real. I contacted her and was stunned at seeing how flawlessly beautiful she is. She combined it with a deferential character. She is a top pick for me.

By Peterson Seal for Megan

I thought I had seen it all living in Vegas till I met up with this embodiment of sexiness. She is so cute, and I love her dress-sense, she complimented her outlook with a great personality.

By Shae T. for Diana

Big, Bold, and Beautiful women are my choice everytime I am out looking for a woman to entertain me well. I am not attracted to women that are petite. Diana is a cool person, she fulfilled my desires. We will be spending a lot of quality time together in the next couple of months that I will be living in Vegas.

By Don Marley for Megumi

I thought Megumi was going to be same as one of the few experiences I have had, but, she imprinted in my mind. I felt comfortable in her presence and her goal for our date was ensuring my maximum contentment. She came across literally as a girl next door that I will thankfully spend some time with when I am opportune to.

By Van Pipe for Pineapple

This girl was as sweet as a pineapple, a little too sweet perhaps. Her attitude was not an issue unlike the last girl I consulted in Chicago, she turned out nasty. But, Pineapple was pleasing to the eyes and senses. I appreciated her composure even when I took her out with some friends of mine. Awesome girl!

By Richard Benckiser for Diamond

For me, the real essence of hiring the services of a companion is to give me a really swell time. Make me forget my worries and meet my needs. An awesome time I had with Diamond, she is a well-behaved young lady who treated me with respect. Great service.

By Larry Boltman for AJ

AJ is a diva by all standards. She saw through me and knew all I wanted even before I told her. I like to talk less and just go with the flow, and that is exactly how AJ served. Just the way I like it.

By Steve G. for Brooke

I always had this funny notion that big women were not sexy, not until I met Brooke. She is full, fleshy and very appealing to be with. We ended up having so many things in common especially some of our secret desires. I will be visiting Vegas soon and will consider seeing her again.

By Jacob Scott for Alejandra

I was overwhelmed with pressure just before heading out to Las Vegas for a restful weekend. And just when I was about to leave, I stumbled upon this website and checked out Alejandra's page. There was that glow in her eyes that awakened my senses so I decided to invite her over and I was so thrilled. She gave me the time of my life and for that reason, I will be heading out to Vegas again soon!

By Gary Stuart for Una

My time with Una was worth my trip to Las Vegas, I set out to have fun and I accomplished it with Una by my side. She is so full of life! Looking forward to visiting again soon.

By Turk Milo for Rose

What a good girl Rose is. She has good manners and was all smiles with me. I totally liked the fact that she approached our private session with so much professionalism. I came visiting Las Vegas with some colleagues, and she passed on that same politeness to them.

By Silas Lee for Mikie

Mikie has the key to my heart and body. Her beauty made me proud I picked her when I visited Vegas last week. She is a real girlfriend and had so much regard for me. I admired her for it.

By Teddy S. for Natalie

Sometimes, all I need in a chosen entertainer is someone to talk with. Share some of my deepest concerns with, so, to feel better and lifted in spirit. Natalie lent me listening ears, she was available at a time I needed a shoulder to lean on. She is loving!

By Harry G. for Valerie

Valerie is a rock star, she rocked every part of me. I make out time to spend an evening with her whenever I am transiting through Las Vegas. Her polite nature gets me anytime!

By Jeffrey Elf for Rayne

I had never been to Las Vegas, got an invitation to spend the weekend from a former coursemate. Little did I know he had arranged a companion in the person of Rayne. She appealed to me in every way possible, I actually didn't know when I spilled my naughty secrets. Awesome experience.

By Riley Moore for Rose

My first visit to Las Vegas wasn't quite pleasant, so I was a little reluctant coming again. Was encouraged by Rose when I contacted her ahead of my visit. She was waiting to make my visit a blast and it indeed was. We painted the town red together and she fulfilled all my naughty cravings. Now, I am most comfortable visiting Vegas more times.

By Saint Humphries for Brooke

Oh, my Heart! Brooke is literally the kind of companion I have longed to spend quality time with. I am a very busy person, hence, I always have to squeeze out time to relax. Not many had been worth my time in the past, not to mention my money, but, I enjoyed my time with Brooke. She has an amazing attitude & aura.

By Tyler Strafford for Elizabeth

No matter how much I'll have to spend to get quality, I go all out to spend it. Liz was worth all my money because she ensured all my fantasies became a reality. She was flexible and ready for any adventure I proposed, which is all I need in a companion.

By Russell D. for Victoria

I am fond of dealing with only professional high-class escorts. I find it rather easy sighting them from a distance. I could tell Victoria was in that class and she came ready. She did not complain or grumble despite my keeping her waiting at our proposed location, she was courteous, urbane and was keen on touching the points that excited me most. I was pleased sharing my time with her.

By Johnny Flay for Diamond

I asked Diamond when I contacted her if she meant all she said on her page and she said yes, she meant it. So, when we hooked up, I sat back waiting for her to connect with me like she committed to doing. She achieved that and beyond; cuddling and making my heart beat faster than ever before. I was lost in irresistible romance.

By Michael M.O. for Ritta

My girl and I wanted some fun while visiting some friends in Vegas last weekend. We fixed an appointment with Ritta and she brought on so much spice to the party. Not to mention the fact that she is a fire-dancer, she entertained us the whole time. Vegas is always a dream destination for a short vacation, Ritta just reinforced that choice for us.

By Titus H. for Alexina

If you ask me, I will always go for a woman that I can flaunt anywhere I go. Alexina has the body, physique, and elegance in my taste of a woman. We got along so well, the night we shared birthed unforgettable memories.

By Ethan Davis for Shanaya

I appreciate when one keeps to her word. I read about how her forte is delivering ecstasy and Shanaya did just that. On a scale of 1-10, she earned a 9 for me. Good job!

By Jason Blaq for AJ

I was drawn to pick AJ because I wanted to literally taste heaven in her arms. I really did on my recent visit to Vegas, I had a business deal to seal. When it turned out successful, I needed a companion to celebrate with and I went for AJ. The chemistry between us was unbelievable, it indeed turned out to be one of the best I have experienced. I should be coming to Vegas soon enough to seal more deals, what better way to celebrate than with AJ?

By Bill Cooke for Ria

I am fond of women who are petite and witty. They are an absolute turn-on. One thing I love about Ria asides these is that she said she hardly ever takes life too seriously, that was indeed an inspiration to me. Cheers.

By Juan Michaels for Valerie

I thought to drop a review here because seeking companionship with Valerie was a great decision. I never knew just how much fulfillment and satisfaction I would experience being with her. Her respect and regard for people truly amazed me. Will need a repeat of this more often than not.

By Robin W. for Natalie

Flying into Vegas was more of a bother just before I met Natalie. She was so confident my impression of Las Vegas would change after our session together. She was so right, mesmerized was how I felt after she served me what seemed to be like heaven on a platter. I won't resist another chance with her.

By Daniel Garfield for Megan

I was completely overwhelmed by Megan. She gave me a soft kisses that excited me. Like she knew those are the kinds of things that drive me crazy. Very intuitive.

By Eugene Briggs for Megumi

The one thing that makes me appreciate a companion more is her ability to humor me in the best way. She had me giggling quite a lot and did not fail to hit the right spots with her moves. She has not seen the last of me, will be needing some more.

By Dave F. for Mikie

Spending quality time with a fantastic woman like Mikie has been one of my most recent achievements. She is such a lady of a class and intelligence. She tickled me so much, I almost lost composure. Mikie is my weakness at this point.

By Reese Little for Tina

Work and personal business had robbed me of the fun and ecstasy life can offer. Tina reminded me the need to work hard and actually play harder. She made me laugh so heartily and now I cannot do without a dose of her sweetness from time to time.

By Jordan E. for Shizuka

Those close to me know how particular I am about timing. Shizuka acted like she had known me long before we met, she kept to our appointment and ensured I enjoyed every minute of the 2 hours I had before heading out to catch a flight. She is professional.

By Allan G. for Steph

Pictures can be very misleading, I had no idea how submissive a companion she could be until we hooked up on a date recently. She was so good and discreet, she actually gave me reason to feel secure. All we did behind closed doors stays behind closed doors.

By Jesse Willis for Antonova

Antonova took the place of a girlfriend when I attended an event in Henderson. She took care of me and showed me a good time when we got back to my room. She is an outstanding entertainer!

By Denzel S. for Rosie

I called on Rosie so I could at least hangout that weekend since I had a long week. She promptly responded and turned a dull weekend into a lively one. My weekends will be needing more of Rosie's touch henceforth.

By Randy Clarkson for Tara

I didn't know just how rusty my body was until Tara gave me the best massage I have ever received. She whispered into my ears sweet nothings that made my body heat up with excitement. I can't wait to invite her over again soon.

By Morris W. for Alexina

Never have I spent a fun evening with a woman like Alex. She is calm and kind-hearted, I actually saw through her even before taking it deeper. I will consider the thought of inviting her over again next month when I'm back in Las Vegas.

By Lawrence Daye for Madison

Maddy (how I fondly called her all through our time together) gave me an ultimate run for my money. Our outing together eased me of all the burdens that were weighing in on me at the time. She gave me a most soothing experience.

By Roodie Gabe for Mariah

I thought I had met all shades of characters in my very adventurous lifestyle. I realized just how unique Mariah was when I finally chatted her up on phone. Getting with her was literally the icing on the cake. She did things that had me deeply satisfied.

By Wayne Simon for Mini

The minute I read Mini's profile, I was sure I wanted her to be by my side when I came to Vegas to see a couple of business partners. She brightened up those few days for me without a doubt!

By Emmanuel Prune for Madeline

I consider meeting and making friends as a hobby. During my visit to Las Vegas last week, I wanted to talk with someone because I had quite a lot on my mind. Madeline lent me listening ears and I was in awe of her level of discretion. She is a great person.

By Philip J. for Sunny

There were many options but chose to go with Sunny. Her beauty captivated me the moment I stumbled on her page. On getting the chance to meet her, I loved her class and elegance, she oozed confidence while in the presence of my friends. Being with her was not a waste of time at all.

By Sylvester T. for Joselyn

It was not a surprise that I was lost in Joselyn's spell. She enchanted me with her beauty and smoothness. How can a woman be so pretty, yet so full of humility and cadence? I doubt I can resist the thought of seeing her at least once a month since we met last two months. Counting down to the next meeting.

By Gazzette G. for Hanna

I told Hanna that I wanted to an unforgettable night together during my last visit to Sin City. She is innovative with her skills, she had the wealth of variety to offer me. That's all I desire in my companion.

By Keith Blurt for Madison

I am yet to get over Madison's lovely body. She treated me to absolute sweetness, sweetness that cannot be described in words. I had never known anyone like her in all my adventures. Will make it a date with her again soon.

By Dammy Pollen for Diana

I made lemonade out of my lemons. Diana was my pick to accompany me to an event. She turned out more beautiful than the shots I saw on her page. I told her what and how I wanted her and she came through without holding back. Loved her companionship.

By Patrick Doyle for Jessie & Vivian

My appetite is quite large, I admit. I could not imagine spending 2 nights in Vegas without a companion. I needed strong, sexy and glamorous women to spend time with. Vivian and Jessie are quite a pair, I touched the skies with them.

By J.B Brew for Melina & Mia

Very intelligent and sexy ladies, my spouse and I had no idea just how much fun we were in for. We invested wisely. We equally learned a lot from this experience, crazy stuff we had no idea we would be into. We loved them for real!

By Christopher Roy for Jessica

She made me feel relaxed! A skilled lover I must admit. I may not be able to give full details since I am discreet in nature. What I can confidently say is that her charming attitude and person impressed me. She is officially one of my top favorites so far.

By Yul Mizoshi for Ariella

I used to enjoy heading out with a couple of naughty friends to strip clubs in downtown Vegas. I did that for the fun of it, I actually enjoyed the sight of the ladies. I stopped when I discovered Ariella, she gave me a show when I met up with her on my recent trip to Las Vegas. She merged that with a massage that just totally blew me away. I won't be making another choice soon having tasted her.

By Terry & Tana for Jessie & Vivian

Simply wanted something more, like a big burst of sensual excitement. My woman and I got it when we invited Jessie and Vivian over to our hotel room downtown. They both amused us and jbrought out the spark we were really needing at the time. We became friends after that day.

By Rooney Kent for Ellery

What a lively, active girl Ellery is. She is so polished and expressed as someone very smart. There was no rush during our time together, she took her time to pamper and spoil me. I really admire her careful and finicky nature.

By Layton G. for Marilyn

Given the kind of man I am, one who hardly ever hangs out, Marilyn sure did a good job in bringing out the wild bird in me. We had a couple of drinks and I simply fizzled out into Marilyn's arms. She took care of my every need and desire.

By Simone M. for Raven

She danced for me and I have not forgotten just how appealing it was. Raven is smooth and utterly delicious. Contacting and meeting her was all it took to get me stuck on her!

By Nabeel D. for Melina & Mia

I booked Melina and Mia to come to my hotel room and I didn't know just how beautiful they were until then. They are a real lesbian couple, they both start with a hot, erotic show. It was like I was in a movie.

By Wayne Sonn for Ellery

There was something about Ellery that appealed to me deeply, I could not just wrap my head around what it was. I would say it must have been her personality that I got lost in. I have grown fond of her after our first meet, cannot wait to see her more often since I reside just around Las Vegas.

By Mylo for Marilyn

A thoughtful and insightful woman is whom I won't mind spending my money and time with. Marilyn is all of these and more, she won me from as little as the seductive look she gave me. Won't hesitate to reach out to her when I find myself needing to visit Las Vegas for a few days again.

By T. Harding for Agnes

Agnes has class, very educated and clean. That's usually the tease for me, have this combination and I am sold out! Great experience, will call again.

By Garrett Makey for Marie

Her skin tone is so chocolatey, more like caramel-like. That's what endeared me to Marie more, her rare beauty. She has poise and elegance that just beats many women I have called in the past. Thumbs up!

By Mofe Hobbes for Meena

What a fantastic companion I got myself, I was spent in a minute being under her spell. It was like a hypnosis when she started working all over me. She took her time with the lap dance, it gave me excitement beyond my wits. I will definitely repeat.

By Tim Carter for Courtney

She said she was mature and I believed her. I gave her a call when I landed Las Vegas with my friends for a long weekend of fun and games. She is so down to earth and playful. Through those few days, it seemed her only worry in the world was satisfying me, which she did. Gave her a thumbs-up!

By Leo Tardy for Tia

Tia was really funny and playful which I didn't really expect, time flew by so fast while we were having fun. Oh, she gave me a lap dance I am yet to wake up from. Once I regained my composure, she showed me just how skilled she was.

By Alan Williams for Hanna

Asides the most inviting eyes I have ever seen, Hanna is a perfectionist. She knew just how much perfection she wanted to achieve serving me the best experience. Everything about her synchronized with my desires.

By Kenny Mcknight for Emily

Emily is a kind-hearted, young lady. It didn't take me long to know that she had a very warm side to her, she made me comfortable enough to express my deepest desires. I got the chance to be fully me in her company. Will seize the chance to be with her again.

By Ryan Bright for Elena

When I think of Elena, what comes to mind is how homely and warm she was. I completely forgot I hired her for a service. She cuddled me so close, I felt like a baby in her arms! For that experience alone, I think Vegas is the best part of the US!

By Asela Rehman for Abbey

All I read on her page were not lies or bluffs, she really did meet those expectations, I was impressed. She was very good company and the time we spent together in my hotel room was pure icing on the cake. Take me back already!

By Mario O. for Shelly

I was attracted to Shelly's beauty. I called her up since I live in Vegas and invited her over. We had such a good time with each other, those memories will not be leaving my mind in a hurry. Oh, her dancing was so erotic too, it helped me warm up to her faster.

By James Riggs for Adele

I love her cute stature, very flexible in nature. I was more blown away to see that her cuteness was even in the way she expressed herself. Adele has me caught in this romantic web, I am longing for another treat with her.

By Gator D. for Joanna & Brenda

I woke up almost an hour to my flight time, all that was on my mind was the mind-blowing night that these ladies offered. They are a mature and experienced pair, super submissive. Their discretion was the most admirable trait in them. Lovely women!

By Vick Lawson for Kristy

The moment I had the chance to meet with Kristy on one of my many business-related visits, I knew I had found a woman of substance. She was calm and collected at first, but, loosened up when we were all alone, she gave me an experience of a lifetime. Will not be long before I meet her again hopefully.

By D.K. Strauss for Elena

I just got back home to Chicago and I am reminiscing about the wonderful time that Elena and I had. We hooked up the minute I landed Vegas and the rest of my stay there was pure paradise. In my opinion, her quality of service is second to none. I can't wait to repeat this experience.

By Leonard for Marie

One thing that attracts me to a lady is an appealing attitude. Marie has a great deal of respect even simply communicating on the phone, that made me fall totally for her. She compliments it with professional service.

By Albert Frederick for Gia

Give me a taste of Gia again and Las Vegas will host me every weekend. She is an epic discovery for me because of how good she is with satisfying my wants. She knew all I desired and didn't fail to meet them. A great listener too!

By Jason Winter for Mandy

I could not imagine a long weekend in Las Vegas without some form of companionship. Mandy was just the woman I needed, a courteous and respectful lady with so much expertise. I enjoyed being with her the whole time.

By Treese Witherspoon for Iggy

She is both petite and thick, fleshy in all the right places. Having Iggy was just the compensation I needed having had a really long and burdensome week. I appreciate her professionalism.

By F.L. Lincoln for Charlene

Permit me to say that Las Vegas never disappoints in providing the best entertainers. Charlene came to slay when she turned up on my invitation to a show with a few friends. She turned out to be submissive and very respectful, that impressed me.

By Logan H. for Hanna

My colleagues and I invited a few entertainers over for a New Year party based on our choices on the website. I picked Hanna, her looks and gaze fascinated me. She turned out to be my match in taste and preferences. We became friends on the spot!

By Bruce Drille for Rin

Not a lot of woman know what I want, really because I do not know what I want sometimes. Rin could predict what my needs and wants were from the get-go. She is indeed an amazing companion.

By Marco Dribbs for Brenda

We clicked on our phone conversation, she has a sophisticated way with words that just impressed me. Calm and collected in her disposition, she romantically got me entangled. I actually found it hard letting go. Will book another appointment.

By P.J. Maxwell for Emily

Petite and romantic Emily is how I referred to her after making memories with her on my last trip to Las Vegas. She is a great companion, very sensitive to my preferences. She got me with everything she brought to the table. Loads of kisses to her.

By Richard Mcdonald for Gia

Gia breathed life into my short stay in Las Vegas last month. I love to be pampered and Gia knew that about me when we started talking on phone. She gave me the treatment I deserved and I did not hesitate to compensate her for her time. Hope to see you again Gia.

By Jake Mihn for Shay

I had a couple of friends over to celebrate my birthday last weekend in Vegas. To add some fun, we invited some girls over from this site. The highlight of the night was my encounter with Shay. She had the softness and sultriness I wanted in my woman. I must confess, having her over, made that birthday an unforgettable one.

By Seally for Shay

The first thing that struck me about Shay was her personality. She was really courteous and submissive. All her actions and moves were in a bid to satisfy my every desire. I appreciated her much more for that. She is the kind of woman I always need around me.

By Phyno Trimnell for Rin

Took her out on a date and when the fun started afterward, it was the sweetest thing. She even has a sexy way of giving a massage that just sent shivers down my spine. I really like Rin, I want to be with her again.

By Arthur Massud for Charlene

Charlene has the grace and charm that brings light to a stormy day, her way of service is therapeutic. I like her subtle nature, tender kisses, and warm hugs. I felt at home with her.

By Pryton R. for Selena

Selena is soothing in her approach, her hands on me were like music to my ears. We had a quiet dinner and then wound up in each other's arms. The sweetest thing ever!

By Otis K. for Briella

She has the combination of skills that appealed to my desires. She is very kinky, things went the unconventional way and that was the best experience I have had in recent times. Loving Briella a whole lot!

By Qaiser W. for Candice

Candice was as sweet as candy, what more could I have needed in an escort? I didn't just want a lady for the night, I wanted a friend that I could have an honest and intelligent conversation with. Candice was the right pick for me. Smart girl she is.

By T. Osco for Cristi

Cristi is intuitive and knows exactly how to press the right buttons to get me up and running. We met a year ago and I have not been able to seek the services of another ever since, she possesses all the features and skills that make me tick. Kudos...

By Cage Fische for Danica

Danica is absolutely out of this world. She is very creative and that helped me discover some things about me that I didn't know I liked. I know that sounds weird. My night with her was romantic and unforgettable.

By Greg and Terik for Joanna & Brenda

Oh my days! These ladies have what it takes to keep Greg and I glued. They practically had us sandwiched in so much ecstasy. Having them with us for the weekend was more than enough to make the weekend an unforgettable one for us. We will change the location to somewhere more romantic for another blissful experience.

By Oliver Kingston for Adele

Petite women like Adele tickle my fancy, I was attracted at first glance at her page. I reached out and found myself on a flight to Las Vegas to meet with her. I am not one of many words, all I can say is, I will do it again and again with Adele, she is fantastic.

By Dexter F. for Priya

If someone told me that she was the same person I saw in these photos, I would have denied it. She is fuller and sexier in person. She had all the right skills I wanted in my woman. See you soon again Priya!

By Doug Mane for Cristi

Had an Airbnb in Sunrise Manor with a few old high school friends. I invited Cristi and she came with a couple of friends. I had not been that served for a long while. Having her entertain me was the highlight of my stay in Vegas.

By Lowo M. for Sabella

She is just a rare escort, one that goes all out to satisfy. I visit Las Vegas at least 5 times in a year, this last time was the third. I have had Sabella by my side all through the time. I won't be changing my mind in a hurry most definitely.

By Edward Armstrong for Candice

Those are the most gripping eyes I have ever seen. I had no reluctance calling her up when I settled at a hotel downtown Vegas. From a distance, I could see Candice and how she carried herself with so much charisma. When she got to me and spoke, she said the most erotic things to me, I knew she was the one I needed. What a fun-filled 2 days we had, great value for money.

By Owen J. for Holly

Holly is bold and confident and that just turns me on about any woman. She knows how to play the way I like it. I called her and she simply adjusted her schedule to accommodate my unplanned visit to Las Vegas, I appreciated her even more for that.

By Tabot Milly for Renae

She is sassy as she portrays on her page. I spent a whole night of pure ecstasy with her and she didn't disappoint me. Actively talented and very naughty just like any man would want. She offered a series of styles and her booty looks better in person.

By Joseph McClurkin for Lovely

I stared at Lovely's picture for quite a while before deciding to go for her. Her piercing eyes just had a certain innocence to them, something I could not explain. I loved her the moment I met her in Las Vegas. She really did justice to my dire needs and I was deeply contented with her service.

By Hrithik Manani for Briella

Briella is so tempting to the eyes, I could not help my giving her a call the night I landed for a conference in LV. She regretted not being able to make it that night, but she came over the next day and her coming was entirely worth the wait. She serves only the best!

By Ice J. for Paige

To be candid, I am in awe of Paige's expertise. She's very entertaining and that fact alone had me very content. Her energy fueled mine and I saw myself going on and on. Great stuff indeed!

By Olly Nick for Iggy

I was honestly seeking companionship, I was drawn to Iggy's pictures. There was something intriguing and mysterious that instantly attracted me. Simply put, she is one of a kind. Asides being stunningly beautiful and elegant, she had a variety of surprises that left me speechless. Will see her again, I can't lie.

By Raymond for Abbey

I chose very well with Abbey. She is beautiful with a very exciting body. She knew how to put me at ease, it felt like she was my girlfriend. She is a professional entertainer, that just blew my mind. We agreed a time, but then she stayed longer without asking me for extra. She is an adorable woman.

By Dominique Damon for Selena

I consider my fetish, seeking the services of big women. Selena isn't just big, she is downright sexy. She gave me something to hold and squeeze on to. She had so much zest and sophistication, I marveled. I hope to see her every time I come down to Las Vegas.

By Reed M. for Cristi

Cristi is the real definition of an entertainer. She did not let a second go to waste in ensuring she occupied me with all forms of sexiness and entertainment. She is by far much more entertaining than I thought. Her discretion is what will attract me to her again and again.

By Sean Tucker for Danica

One thing that got me about Danica was her neatness. On our date, she was neat and smelled so good. I confirmed it more when she gave me a lap dance, it totally impressed me. I didn't mind being with her over time, totally worth it. Certainly my kind of girl.

By Franchie S. for Ameena

I could not imagine a night in Vegas without Ameena since our last meet, I wanted a repeat of the treat she gave me. She didn't hold back and offered to be as flexible as I wanted her to be. I like her a lot!

By Roy Jay for Sabella

I saw Sabella's curvaceous figure on display on her page, and I knew there and then, that I wanted her. I placed a call across and she did not fail to show up for our appointment. She was all funny and with a strong, positively infectious countenance. What got me really interested in her was her level of education and intelligence. She is much more than these pretty pictures.

By Cory Anderson for Holly

I had thought about seeing the tourist spots in Las Vegas and I was cringing at the thought of being alone. I contacted Holly and we practically painted the city Red. Her smartness and intelligence made us get along very well. Holly is officially my playmate when it comes to Vegas.

By Tai Malrab for Meena

I do not know English writing much, Meena is great. She is nice, loving and knows how to entertain. Will visit LV next month to see her, I will come for a party there.

By TJ. Mills for Holly

She reflects the kind of girl I have longed to enjoy quality time with. Holly was bursting with so much energy and life, I couldn't have asked for a much better experience than what she offered.

By Johnnie Clay for Valentina

Valentina is a nice girl, she was the reason I visited Las Vegas in the first place, it was my first time visiting. So, she became my personal tour guide at no extra cost, very romantic beauty. Next time I will plan to spend more days with her rather this short trip.

By Tammy RSQ for Karen

I have been quite loyal to this website, trying out Karen was a first for me. She was way better than my first experience. I had no reason to complain, it's like she intuitively knew what I would like just by looking at me. Enjoyed her!

By Mark Mavin for Pineapple

I met Pineapple through a friend who had called her up on one of his trips to Vegas. After our session together, I knew I was going to steal her from him. All the while we were talking over dinner, her nipples kept piercing through her soft dress, I couldn’t wait to see her body. We had a great time. I have her number stored so I can reach out to her again when I come around.

By Talib R. for Kay

I am lost on why I thought Kay would come across as rude and full of herself. I was so wrong, she is pleasant, professional and polite. I knew just how bad it was to judge a book by its cover. Thanks Kay for a wonderful time.

By Jason A. for Renae

Her eyes got me glued. And that skin? I could not resist just how much Renae's pictures made my heart race. When we spoke on phone, I immediately felt a sense of trust. In a city of many distractions, she made me feel special and secure. My ego could not have asked for better massaging.

By Kyle Plummer for Rita

Rita took charge the moment I saw her. She was very succulent and luscious, I actually lost track of time. She waited patiently for me as my flight to Las Vegas to see her was delayed by a couple of hours. I found no fault in the way she rendered her service so I will come back to see her.

By Diesel Gin for Paris

I used to consider myself a novice in being a romantic but Paris opened me to a whole new world of expressing myself romantically. She taught me some new exciting things, I was oblivious to what made me tick before meeting her. Paris has me hooked!

By Franky Ripple for Irina

I had never been with an intensely beautiful lady like Irina, she was like an artwork. She combined her beauty with body features that are to die for. I went through her page and I liked everything about her. I hoped she would attend to me right and she did. Taking the pain to come down to Las Vegas turned out more beneficial than I had thought it would be. She'll be seeing me more times this year.

By Waltz F. for Adriana & Sara

These girls are the true definition of entertainers, they gave me so much value for my time and money. I won't have minded spending even more money, they deserved it for the blast they offered me. I couldn't have asked for a much better experience. Seeing that was my first time being in Vegas, will be seeing them soon, or perhaps invite them over.

By Coolio Band for Tessa & Lisa

Las Vegas gave us so much to see and enjoy, my guys and I reached out to Tessa and we told her to bring a girlfriend. She brought Lisa and we had it like never before. For us, they absolutely did the trick!

By Quyen Frank for Elena

Elena is sweet and knowledgeable. I actually thought she may not have what it takes to impress me, but I was wrong. She is experienced and professional at what she does. Nice companion.

By Rhymo M. for Adele

She knows just how to make me relax, it was different from anything I had known. I like to just go with the tide, I trusted Adele to handle me well, and she did.

By Ricky Koldsweat for Sherlyn

I had an overwhelming meeting that Saturday, I needed someone to ease off all the tension. Sherlyn matched up to my desires and fantasies. I had the intention of spending one night but I ended up making it two nights.

By Trey Beecham for Ameena

Blazing hot with sultriness the moment she got into action is the best way I can describe Ameena. She maximized the time I had with her, making sure that every minute meant more pleasure for me. I long for a repeat of this experience, I still see her in my mind's eye.

By Jack PENN for Bri

I could not resist seeing Bri again, what a girl! She was even more beautiful than the first time we met during a courtesy visit to a few friends in Las Vegas. I certainly look forward to our next meeting and time together! She delivered her services with so much enthusiasm, loving and care. I can't wait.

By Timone Schulls for Kumiko

It was super easy setting up an appointment with Kumiko. She came in and got straight to business. Great play. We chatted over some wine and cocktails before checking out to meet again sometime soon. She has an amazing body.

By Wanton F. for Selena

I love a full figure woman and she is thick in the right places? She exhibited so much flexibility too. Making sure I had no regrets picking her as my girl for the night. I was nowhere near disappointed in her services.

By Don Luis for Lela

This was my first time in Las Vegas and I do not speak English as well as I write it. What intrigued me was that Lela was not rude despite my inability to speak fluently. She was very accommodating and sweet. Thank goodness I chose her, I had a swell time with her, no regrets at all. Thanks Lela!

By Richie S. for Virgo

Virgo's perfume is one thing I have found extremely hard to get over, she walked towards me and she smelled soo wonderful my heart skipped a beat. I was impressed by how long she could carry on intelligent conversations and still maintain discretion when need be. She brought on her A game through our time together.

By Travis Jackson for Bonny

I craved the soft kisses/cuddles of a subtle woman and I picked Bonny. I saw the tenderness in her eyes and invited her. She was indeed as succulent as she looked. I liked my pick and will repeat the experience with her if I get the chance to visit Las Vegas for another holiday.

By Clarence G. for Chelsea

Chelsea just has a way of lifting my spirit everytime we meet, in a most professional way, no strings attached. My last experience with her left me smiling from ear to ear. Satisfaction so deep!

By Diego L. for Linda

She laid an impression on my mind the day I set my eyes on her. I had never seen such an outstandingly looking woman with so much finesse and charisma. I cherished every second with her cause I was not sure when I would get the chance to visit again. Soon enough I hope.

By Denzel Colden for Carmen

Being with Carmen made me realize how overly serious I was. She doesn't take life too seriously and that is just so unusual to me. She literally added spice to the monotonous lifestyle I was leading. A very lovable person.

By Josh Miller for Anastasia

One thing I believe gets any man is variety and innovation. Give me something new all the time and I won't be needing anything more in a long while. Anastasia is the queen of Variety, she comes with something new whenever I make out time to fly down to Vegas.

By Lamar Dawson for Gia

I reveled in Gia's creativity, her ways were totally unconventional. I was bored from some of my past entertainers doing the same things over and over again. I got something different when I made Gia my choice for my last short stay in Las Vegas.

By Jim Flame for Paris

Another chance for me to visit Vegas and I will latch on speedily so to get a chance to see Paris again. She was warm and provided me with so much hospitality on my trip some days back.

By Mike Runtown for Nanoka

Quite different than before, I gave contacting an escort for my journey through Las Vegas to Paradise a thought. Nanoka came to lighten up my trip, she added fun to what I thought will be a drab trip. It was worth my time after all.

By P. Payne for Danica

I was first fascinated by her name, it gave me the push to want to get to know her. I am a lover of beautiful women, and Danica is indeed beautiful. Oh, and she knows exactly how to get down right, the way she dances is amazing. She proved herself an entertainer.

By Yussuff Deol for Sahara

Her honesty is what will make me keep her as my go-to woman. I left my wallet where we spent a wonderful time together, she called me and gave it back without a thing missing, I was really blown away. Beautiful lady with a beautiful attitude.

By Charlie Sands for Morgan

Las Vegas has quite a lot of memories ever since I picked it as a place to settle last year. I got a referral from a secret client of hers and I decided to call her up. Morgan isn't just a beauty to behold, she is very insightful and smart. We had healthy conversations and our chemistry just synced.

By Nate W. for Sara

Some of my friends refer to me as being a workaholic. Honestly, I think I am. I needed an escape, a total getaway from the enormous work that had enveloped me. Seeking Sara at that time was just the best treat I could have given my mind and body. I now realize how much I might be needing Sara from time to time to cool off.

By Jeremy Brite for Sara

I initially had my reservations about Sara's age and if she would be as discreet as I like my friends to be, but she proved me wrong. She is reserved, sensually appealing and behaves way past her age, it was a great turn on for me. Will call in again when I do get the chance to.

By George Baileys for Chelsea

Chelsea. She had me singing out of sheer excitement from the many things I experienced with her. Her wealth of experience came through, she knew the rudiments of entertaining and I compensated her well for her time. Surely, I will see her next time I visit Las Vegas.

By Cuba Hiding for Angelina

Don't get me wrong, I like big women, but, I am particular about how much charisma they carry themselves with while in the company of my friends. Angelina did not let me down as having her by my side the whole time made my night worth it.

By Sambasa Q. for Sabella

It was pleasing meeting a woman like Sabella. One thing that gets me in a companion is the ability to strike up meaningful and impactful conversations. We talked about all manner of interesting topics just getting to know each other better and rounded up the night on a most desired note.

By Roland Mitch for Abbey

One with a fit body is what I am out to offer my attention and money to. Abbey has the perfect combo, her features in the pictures I saw were phenomenal. Soothing attitude and submissiveness, I should give us a chance again when next I come around.

By Dean B.B. for Emily

I for one, think it is rare to see a lady who is both beautiful and so down to earth. Emily impressed me with her demeanor. She accompanied me to a ball downtown Vegas with a couple of close colleagues and she reflected a delectable and graceful woman. She drew only positive attention all through our time together.

By Kris E. for Kristy

I had not been served this well for a long while. I chose Kristy amongst others mainly because we have similar names, I had no idea she would match the level of my appetite. She met it and took me even beyond.

By Kay J. for Angie & Roxy

Roxy and Angie split the fun for me, it was literally different phases of play and I was having the time of my life seeing them go back and forth. They are polite and humorous. Though they were two, I admired how discreet they were, it gave me confidence knowing that what went on stayed within us.

By Sleeky-Hammer for Paige

That booty is beautiful! She danced all over me just like a professional, I knew my money was not a waste. I am not one to write a review, but I had to for Paige, out of the excitement she offered. She is a real pleaser.

By Greg Knowles for Summer

Oh, I love to play on the erotic side from time to time. I found my own brand of erotic entertainment in Summer. Her classy personality was a turn-on. She made me ask myself what more I was looking for in an entertainer.

By Ford Jay for Briella

My experience with other ladies was fully trumped by my being with Briella. She blew my mind and expectations. I won't be trying out anything new in a hurry, she is all the satisfaction I need.

By Jordan Levendosky for Rin

Rin is cute. I am a lover of petite women and she is in a very appealing way. She is playful and very full of life, I easily lost track of time being with her. I will give in to seeing her again.

By Eazy Clint for Wendy

Wendy was indeed a fabulous way to start my year, I called her late December and fixed an appointment for January when I would be visiting Vegas. I was convinced I made the best choice after the passionate memories we made.

By Frank Donald for Nanoka

I was drawn to Nanoka because of a sort of meekness I saw in her eyes. She didn't turn out different from how I perceived her. Luckily for me, she delivered. I was immersed in the romantic spark that developed the moment we met. Will see her in Vegas next month.

By Harold Fur for Sayaka

Sayaka has a gentle disposition, she had no issues at all despite my over-demanding self. I appreciated our time together. She will certainly be seeing more of me since I live just around Downtown Vegas.

By Anderson G. for Angelina

I usually could go 9 months without coming to Vegas even though I have a home there. I felt a deep sense of boredom. That has changed in the one night I spent with Angelina. She is a combination of beauty and brains, I admired how fun our session was.

By Stanley Ray-Thomas for Steph

To be honest, I had never taken a liking to seeking the services of an escort. My notion recently changed when I had a friend/colleague book me a session with Steph. She treated me to a time of laughter, dance and tender loving. I will not think twice about seeing her again when I get the opportunity to be in Vegas.

By Humphrey Gunn for Briana

I have travelled the world and met women of different strata and sensualities but Briana is unique. She is intuitive and smart, I like the fact that she is stopping at nothing to improve on herself education-wise. She is a great companion.

By Rob F. for Alejandra

I just want to say thank you to Alejandra for making me enjoy every second of our time together. She went all out to ensure I had a feel of heaven right in her arms. My time with her was much needed.

By Rylie S. for Briana

I had needed a young, classy lady to accompany me to a corporate event organized by my company headquarters in Las Vegas and sought Briana out. I was amazed at her level of comportment and elegance. Afterwards, we unwound in the most unforgettable way, I'd rather keep those sweet details to myself.

By Zeb J. for Tia

My meeting with Tia was mind blowing. We all have different needs and expectations, but Tia represents everything that I've ever wanted from a companion, I have no reservations. Will repeat on my next trip to Vegas.

By Carl Roodney for Laura

Las Vegas is a really remarkable city, but even better when you get a chance to spend it with a lady like Laura. She offered me first-class entertainment and treatment, right from our dinner together till dawn. I'll pick her anytime I visit again.

By Tyler Hitman for Cece

I loved every minute of my date with Cece, she has the gift of making you let go completely which I did. I bore it all with her, it was a remarkable time out. I will savor another chance to be with her.

By Andrew Doff for Una

I went for Una because I was taken by her beautiful body features, but setting my eyes on her completely blew me away even more. She carried her outward beauty with so much charisma and elegance.

By H. Sammy for Alexa

Just when I thought my business trip to Las Vegas was going to turn out boring, Alexa came along to awaken an unforgettable experience for me. I am in a hurry to visit Vegas and Alexa again.

By Danny M. for Iggy

Iggy tantalized, teased me in a most exciting way. Quite mischievous though. My wishes were duly obliged. This 5 star escort is one of the best I ever met.

By Todd John for Alejandra

Believe me, I have been with a couple of entertainers in my lifetime but Alejandra is a major standout for me. She is fun to be with, very sexy and adventurous. She had me trying so many new things I will love to try again if I get my chance with her in the future.

By Val D. for Marie

Watching Marie's video the day I was checking out her page made me see a really fun-loving person which is all I needed in my chosen date. Her energy is so infectious! I see our acquaintance going further than our first date.

By Kurt Steven for Erin

Starting off the year in the company of Erin was a breath of fresh air for me. She attended to all my desires and fantasies, I was very satisfied. I will not hesitate to call over again.

By Sir Eric for Erin

It is not common finding an alluring woman who is both sexy and polite. I was fulfilled spending time with Erin, she really made me feel things I never knew I could feel. Will definitely call again!

By Nicholas S. for Charlene

Being married for so many years had me tired of the same old every time. I needed something new. I live in Las Vegas so, I surfed through this site and was attracted to Charlene. There was just something about her that pulled me to her, I reached out to her right away. We fixed a date and she gave me the most exciting time I had experienced in years. She is pretty, boisterous and remarkably sexy. She woke me up, literally.

By June Jack for Steph

I needed someone by my side during my visit to Vegas recently to accompany me to a ball organized by my company. I sought out Steph and was stunned at how much composure and class she exuded, she literally made me the envy of the event. Afterwards, we had a night filled with so much I will like to silently cherish.

By Drew Batman for Corina

I enjoyed every minute of being with Corina. She is witty and warm, I felt very comfortable in her company. I must admit it was different from a couple of my past acquaintances.

By Handsome Mill for Cece

All I needed was someone to make me feel warmly comfortable and Cece did not disappoint. She made me laugh so much, I forgot I had any worries at all. She is just another reason to frequently visit Las Vegas. *grin*

By Sydney W. for Laura

One thing I seek in my choice of an entertainer is bringing all my fantasies to life. I like expressing myself unashamedly and Laura gave me all the room. She followed every desire of mine and I made sure to compensate her for her time.

By Dan Britman for Briana

I could not believe how beautiful and radiant Briana was until I met her in person. She excited me so much I still have not gotten over it. I anticipate another visit to Vegas next month to see her.

By H. Gentle for Lovely

Lovely made me feel at home in her space, I helped myself to a fresh serve of her petite but full body. Very discreet nature too. I like her enough to book again.

By Antar Lyon for Agnes

Just towards the end of my Christmas holiday to Las Vegas, I felt this deep sense of emptiness, like I was missing that certain something that I needed before heading back home happy. I had enjoyed virtually all there was to Las Vegas had to offer in my stay there. Just before leaving, I checked up Las Vegas girl directory and saw Agnes. Her succulent-looking features attracted me and I called her there and then. She lovingly obliged and filled the vacuum I had been feeling. What a great way to round off my holiday. Agnes did the trick.

By Jimmy V. for Corina

I was completely swept by Corina's charm. It was refreshing knowing that I did not need to tell her what I wanted, she simply knew what to do. Can't wait to be with her again!

By Wecky M. for Candice

I could not make it down to Las Vegas at the time I reached out to Candice, so, I invited her over when I finally checked into my hotel. She came and we clicked right away. She gave me a relaxing massage as a bonus. She's very nice and she aims to please. No complains about service or attitude.

By Ernest Riley for Priya

I am usually reluctant to call up ladies from online sites, but, something just told me to bite the bullet since I needed a side-kick during my stay in Las Vegas. Priya was stunning, with piercing eyes and a seductive smile. Her boobs looked incredible! I guess I should stop there since I heard 'whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas'.