Las Vegas Asian Massage

What is an Asian Massage?

Asian Massage is a type of therapy that follows the techniques of ethnic Asian medicine, which is mainly used for the treatment of the body with specific purposes.

Here are many kinds of Asian Massages that have a lot of benefits for the body, even though they aim to give a new breath to the body and provide powerful physical and mental stress relievers. Massage Services may be modified, have limited availability, be closed, or require an advance reservation. Hours and availability may have changed timely.

Different Kinds of Asian Massages:-

Four Hands Massage

It is a famous Asian Massage in which our two glorious massage specialists will massage together, and they target those body points of the client, which build up the stress and make the client more relaxed. This Massage is a different type of Massage.

In which the whole body can experience two different massages at the same time. In this Massage, our two specialists massage the body of the customer in a very gentle way. Just like a canvas, they give different speeds and pressure very slowly like choreographs.

As mentioned, four-hand Massage is done by two therapists, and two In-Room Massage Las Vegas massage therapists are also included in that, and they work to accompany each other left and right of the body, it gives a double relaxation to clients because of this work on both sides of the brain.

Actions are included for each therapist. The same pressure is applied on both sides of the body. This is all done under the training of a massage therapist so that the patient can feel the relaxation of the Massage. If we talk about the benefits of this Massage, the benefits are the same as a massage with one specialist. But the thing is that with four hand massages, the muscle circulation increases, and we get a double massage experience.

Four-hand massage is offered at $150 for 60 minutes and $180 for 90 minutes.

Deep Tissue Massage

In this Massage, the tension of old muscles is removed by deep pressure. It is a very beneficial massage. It targets the muscles, tissues, tendons, and fascia, which are the very sensitive layers around the muscles, bones, and joints. This is quite similar to Swedish Massage.

But in deep tissue massage, there is more pressure than in Swedish massage. This is the best opportunity if you have a major problem with your muscles like anxiety, soreness, injury, imbalance, tight muscles issue, chronic muscle pain, etc.

In the Deep Tissue Massage, the technique used by the therapist will give deep finger pressure and some stoles gently. Their aim is to make you relieve tension from the deepest layer of your connective tissues and muscles. This is up to your choice, and you can be naked or clothed during the Massage. This Massage makes you pain-free.

This deep tissue massage is offered at $60 to $200 for 60 minutes.

Swedish Massage

When we think about Massage, Swedish Massage is one of the massages which comes first to our mind. Nowadays, there are many types of famous body works, but the first aim of Swedish Massage is to relax the customer. The techniques used in this Massage by gently massaging the muscles with gliding strokes in the same direction where blood is returning to the heart. This is all about relaxation.

There are many kinds of benefits of this Swedish Massage. It helps to increase the oxygen level in the blood, decrease toxins and enhance blood circulation or flexibility while relaxing from stress.

Swedish Massage is offered at $70 for 60 minutes and $100 for 90 minutes.

Benefits of Swedish Massage

  1. People who wish to massage their bodies in a please fully manner have a lot of stress in their lives and are sensitive to the body, so this Massage is a perfect choice for that kind of person.
  2. As you know, it’s a full-body relaxing massage; during the Massage, it also works on muscle knots.
  3. In this Massage, you can be naked, or you have a choice to wear your underwear.
  4. The massage therapist will cover you with a sheet, and from time to time, he will uncover the particular areas of your body on which they would be working.

Important Techniques which would use in this therapy:-

  1. Gliding strokes in the different directions of the heart relax soft tissues.
  2. Squeezing, rolling, or kneading.
  3. Circular movements to increase blood flow.
  4. Tapotement: Vibration, Tapping with Cupped hands, fingers, or the edge of the hand.

Couple Massage

Couple Massage As the name suggests, you will be in a shared room in this Massage, and you can also have a friend, relative, or family member with you; it will be according to your wish. It’s upon you that you can choose the different types of massages, such as there is commonly offered Swedish Massage and deep tissue massage with this Massage.

Special Features of Couple Massage:-

  • A couple’s Massage is generally offered in a private room.
  • Two different clients will be massaged at the same time by two different therapists at different tables.
  • You can talk with each other during the Massage.
  • One thing should remember is that there is a big difference between a massage and a tickle.
  • There is another option you can choose your own type of Massage, and your friend can choose another massage of his own choice.

Full-body Massage

As the name of full body massage suggests its work, this Massage the whole body, and all body parts such as (arms, back, shoulders, legs, feet, and hands) are massaged gently. At the beginning of this Massage, the client is put on a soft stuffed table after taking off her clothes and covered with a sheet, and it’s upon your choice that you are naked or clothed.

Special Features:-

  • The massage specialist will start massaging from the back to the shoulders and sometimes from the scalp.
  • During the Massage, when the client overturns his body, so the therapist works back up the body and generally ends the Massage with the neck, shoulders, and, come times, scalp.
  • There is a special offer for men also (Pectoral Massage).
  • To ensure the full treatment of every body part, as well as a focus on specific issues, make an appointment for a longer session time.

Thai Massage

Thai Massage is offered at $90 for 60 minutes and $200 for 120 minutes.

People who always have an interest in advanced Massage to reduce their stress and want to be free from pain, so it is the best option for that people.

Benefits of Thai Massage

  • It makes our bodies more springy and flexible.
  • It also helps in blood circulation.
  • It boosts the energy level of our bodies.

It’s like a full body massage, and the methods of yoga and stretching therapies are used in it. Your massage specialist will give pressure on your body with the help of his palm and fingers at the same moment, and your body will also twist, stretch and extend in various directions. You can wear your own choice of clothes, but they should be loose and comfortable to wear.

Asian Massage Price

Trained, Well-Founded, Experienced, Highly top Rated Asian Massage Specialist.

60 Minutes relax Massage $50 to $80

90 Minutes massage and facial Package with Essential oil $150 to $200

120 minutes SPA package includes a table shower, body scrub, steam sauna, Massage, and facial with Essential oil for $200 to $250.

The Asian Massage therapists and specialists we are providing to you are Highly Trained and Very Professional, which you cannot quickly get anywhere else. Here is a list of some highly top-rated massage services.