Cityxguide Services Comparison and Review


There are countless of escort and sex-related service provider sites that you might have come across. When it comes to popular ones, you might not be sure of the difference between them and which site is ideal for you. This article will be looking at two well-known escort directory sites to help you decide on the one you’d like to use.

City X Guide is an escort directory site that connects escorts all around the United States, Africa, Asia, Middle East, Canada, Australia, Europe, Latin America, and more to willing clients. The site has often been compared to Backpage call girls and Craigslist personals. Apart from escort services, it also provides other adult-related services that you might be interested in if you don’t enjoy face-to-face interactions. The site is not like other escort sites with a lot of fake ads and suspicious-looking girls. Most of the ads are legit and you can meet the girls in real-time.

Las Vegas Girl Directory is also an escort site, but unlike City X Guide that covers continents, the site only covers Sin City (Las Vegas). Although it is a legitimate site with different types of escorts that will be to your liking, you can’t enjoy their services except you are in Las Vegas. They offer a wide range of escort services, from Blonde Escorts and Elite Escorts to Greek Escorts and European Escorts. Their escorts are not only for adult-related services but can pose as your girlfriend or act as a date to an event.

Services Comparison

City X Guide offers a wide range of services that you will enjoy. They even have a safe browsing option which allows you to use the site in public places. You can use it to stop images from loading so that you can still search for escorts on your phone when you’re not at home. The site also includes an index of bikini bars and strip clubs that you can visit close to you. Since they offer escort services globally, you might not find what you’re looking for in your location. Thus, you can check out their supported clubs and bars to satisfy your needs.

Apart from connecting you to the escorts close to you, City X Guide also offers other sex-related services. The sex-related services offered by City X Guide usually link you to other sites. They include:

  • Post ads: You can post ads for free on the site, although there have been a lot of complaints about some of the ads being fake. You need to be careful so that you find something legit.
  • Live Sex Cams: This is linked to
  • Meet & Fuck: This is linked to the hookup site called
  • Sugar Babies: This is linked to
  • Porn Games: This gives you access to porn-themed animation games and it is linked to

Las Vegas Girl Directory does not offer a wide range of services like City X Guide. Instead, it offers different types of escorts depending on what you’re into. From nationality to age, there is a long list of choices that you can pick from. When you open the site, you are immediately greeted with pictures of different escorts that the site supports. Unfortunately, there is no safe browsing option so you’d have to be careful when using the site in public. The site does not need to include an index of clubs close to you, because their services are limited to Las Vegas only. This means that there are more than enough girls to choose from that can get to you wherever you are in Las Vegas. They have Chinese, Japanese, Black, Blonde, Brunette, Ebony, Greek, Latina, MILF, Teen, Older, and Young Escorts.

Some of the categories that they have are:

  • 2 Girl Special Escorts.
  • All Natural Escorts.
  • Asian Massage.
  • Bachelor Party Escorts.
  • Backpage Girls.
  • BDSM Escorts.
  • Erotic Massage.
  • Fetish Escorts.
  • Hookers
  • Lesbian Escorts.
  • Private Escorts.
  • Porn Star Escorts.
  • VIP Escorts and more.

Service Rates Comparison

There is no specific price range for City X Guide seeing as the site offers a wide range of services. This means that there are a lot of chances to spend a lot of money. Their services can cost tens of dollars or hundreds of dollars. When looking at escort profiles or ads, the price range, as well as the service they provide, will be mentioned there. That way, you know what you’re getting into before you send a message. The good side is that the site is free to use. You don’t have to register to find escorts.

Las Vegas Girl Directory’s price range is different from that of City X Guide. Since the site only offers one service, which is escorts of different categories, you should be prepared to spend, at least, $200. You can even select the Cheap Escort category if you’re not prepared to spend a lot. It is also free to use the Las Vegas Girl Directory site when looking for escorts.

Last Take

These two sites are different in their mode of operation and geographical coverage. If you’re looking for someone to have fun with when you’re in Las Vegas, then you should go for Las Vegas Girl Directory. But, City X Guide is the most reliable site you can depend on to provide you with escorts and other adult-related services wherever you are.