How to Enjoy Your Stay in Las Vegas without Drinking

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How to Enjoy Your Stay in Las Vegas without Drinking?

If you are not a fan of drinking, you might want to know how to enjoy your stay in Las Vegas without drinking. Many people know this city for gambling and drinking. However, it has a lot more to offer. Here are some of the things that you can do for fun if you don’t want to drink or gamble during your stay in this city.


This city has one of the hottest restaurant scenes in the world. It has several celebrity chefs and unconventional steakhouses that you will find in the suburbs. That means you can enjoy your favorite meal at some of the high-end options or cheap meals in the suburbs’ establishments. So, head to your favorite establishment to enjoy a unique buffet and high-quality dishes.


Every hotel in Sin City provides entertainment. You will find popular artists, comedy, mystery dinners, circus-style shows, musicals, and cabarets among other types of performances in these establishments. And, there are always numerous Cirque du Soleil shows that run in this city at any given time. In some cases, the hotel that you choose to stay in might help you find a great show deal.

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Do you want to get a perfect gift for a loved one? Or, are you looking for something that will give your wardrobe a boost? Whatever the case, you will find something spectacular when you shop in this city. Shops in this city feature items by luxury brands that sell at reasonable prices. And, if you don’t want to experience the sweltering heat, major hotels have underground shopping malls. Take advantage of such malls to have a fantastic shopping experience.


This city is generally at the middle of a desert. It provides endless places where you can go hiking. If you are an outdoorsy type, consider the Death Valley, the Grand Canyon, and the Red Rock Canyon. All these are just a driving distance from town. But, if you need something that is more adventurous, consider skydiving, quad bike tours, helicopter trips over the Hoover Dam, or zip lining.

Pamper Yourself

Once you have enjoyed all the above experiences, take time to pamper yourself. After all, you are most likely traveling to this city to relax, have fun, and give yourself a special treat. So, head to one of the luxurious spas in town for a special treat. Spend your down time there enjoying a special treat.

Just like you may expect, this city has large resorts that provide everything including stream rooms, hot tubs that feature heated whirlpools and waterfalls. You also get amazing massages and facials in these establishments. Nevertheless, you should book an advance appointment to enjoy a better experience.

You may visit this city with a goal of escaping the real world. But, on your arrival, you may get the impression that this city is all about putting money in slot machines and indulging in strong cocktails. However, this is not true. You can still enjoy your stay in Las Vegas without drinking by engaging in these activities.