How to Enjoy Your Time Alone in Vegas


How to Enjoy Your Time Alone in Vegas

When you tour or live in a busy city, finding a quiet moment to relax can be challenging. With many nightclubs and casinos that remain open till the morning hours, you may never feel alone in Sin City. Nevertheless, there are things that you can do to enjoy your time alone in Vegas. Here are some of them;

Visit the Richard MacDonald Art

If you are an art-loving loner, you should visit the sculptures of Richard MacDonald. This is where you find amazing work of a globally known bronze sculpture. The subjects of the work of MacDonald include different types of performers like Cirque du Soleil and dancers. You will be captivated by the ability of MacDonald to capture grace and emotion of his muses. And the background noise that may distract you will be drowned out.

Attend the Ballet

A ballet night is perfect for any loner that wants to enjoy their time in this city in style. Attending a ballet will make your evening out more relaxed. Go to the Smith Center where you find the Nevada Ballet Theater. This company puts on different productions at different times of the year. Enjoy a night full of phenomenal culture and dancing. And, after the show, you can take a stroll around the Symphony Park. Here, you will enjoy an amazing night air as well as amazing downtown views.

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Visit the Gilcrease Orchard

You must be of the impression that you can’t find fresh vegetables and fruits in a desert. However, you will find the Gilcrease Orchard towards the Southwest part of this city. The Orchard hosts field trips for elementary school kids every day. And, it’s open 3 days every week from 7am till noon. If you want to pick fresh produce and stay away from the crowd, visit the Gilcrease Orchard in the morning.

Catch the Action on the Strip

This might not seem like the place to go alone. But, it’s an ideal place for engaging in the favorite pastime of an introvert. You can spend your time here watching people. Simply grab some coffee and get an empty seat on the Bridge. Rest assured that you will witness a flash mob, a proposal, a fight, or people sleeping from your seat. Basically, this place presents endless possibilities.

Drive via the Valley of Fire State Park

This park is a must-see for a loner that loves nature. Driving via this park provides a great way to get away from the city commotion. Just a single hour’s drive will give you a chance to enjoy breathtaking views of the landscape and rock formations. The looks of the landscape of this park looks more of Mars. Move from the scorching sun by stopping at the Cabins or Seven Sisters. You can also trek to the Elephant Rock and capture amazing photos.

Go to Mount Charleston

This is the place to go when looking for a quiet and peaceful place to hang out. Situated just an hour away from the city, this attraction provides great reprieve from the scorching summer heat. It also offers an amazing way to have fun and enjoy winter. You can hike along the Lee Canyon or Mary Jane Falls. Go to the top of this mountain to have a cocktail or lunch before heading back to town.

No matter what makes your experience better, you will find it when you know how to enjoy your time alone in Vegas. Engage in these activities to make your experience unforgettable.