About Angie & Roxy

We are completely elated to have you check us out, we assure you an unforgettable experience. We enjoy serving our clients all the sauce that will have you calling on us again and again.

Angie and I are both well-educated, elite ladies that exude sophistication and class in every way possible. We enjoy intelligent and impactful conversations, and when it comes to the real deal, we function just the way you like it. We can be likened to two sticks that need to be rubbed against each other to ignite a spark, a spark that will imprint in your memory for a long time.

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2 reviews for Angie & Roxy

Overall Rating: 5

    Roxy and Angie split the fun for me, it was literally different phases of play and I was having the time of my life seeing them go back and forth. They are polite and humorous. Though they were two, I admired how discreet they were, it gave me confidence knowing that what went on stayed within us.

    By: Kay J. | 2 years ago

  • Double and Deeper Satisfaction

    I am in awe of the way Angie and Roxy played with each other, my heart kept skipping a beat. They knew the strings of role play and did it professionally. It took me away from the very usual and conventional practices, they were fantastic.

    By: Howard Cohen | 2 years ago