About Cece

Now you ask what “tanta” is…lol.
Hi! I am Cece. My friends, and I mean my real friends, refer to me as Miss Tantalizer…as funny as that sounds, they are spot on!

For me, it all starts with tantalizing and mesmerizing you till your pulse starts to race, till you start to beg me to stop, but I wouldn’t because of how excited I am that you’re excited. Forgive me, that is just my specialty. I am not a rookie when it comes to helping my friends discover those things that make them tick.

Oh, in other news, it may interest you to know just how intellectually versatile I am. I engage with books and insightful topics rather easily especially over some nice food and drinks.

Let’s spend ample time together, you know just how to reach me.
(307) 370-1611

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(307) 370-1611

2 reviews for Cece

Overall Rating: 5
  • An Enchanting Beauty

    I loved every minute of my date with Cece, she has the gift of making you let go completely which I did. I bore it all with her, it was a remarkable time out. I will savor another chance to be with her.

    By: Tyler Hitman | 2 years ago

    All I needed was someone to make me feel warmly comfortable and Cece did not disappoint. She made me laugh so much, I forgot I had any worries at all. She is just another reason to frequently visit Las Vegas. *grin*

    By: Handsome Mill | 2 years ago