About Cristi

Engage yourself with a delicious mix of high-class, feminine and lovable personality. You get all these and more when you allow me in your space. I am a woman whose natural poise and etiquette combines into making you the perfect companion for a short or long night of intense passion.
I am not one who likes to rush things, I take my time to get to know you better over some food and drinks. My sense of humor will immediately set you at ease making you share with me all your naughty fantasies. All my photoshoots are an explicit representation of me, what you see is what you get. Give me the chance to take the stage and I will treat you right!

I’ll be warming till we get to meet!
(308) 217-0316

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(308) 217-0316

3 reviews for Cristi

Overall Rating: 5

    Cristi is intuitive and knows exactly how to press the right buttons to get me up and running. We met a year ago and I have not been able to seek the services of another ever since, she possesses all the features and skills that make me tick. Kudos…

    By: T. Osco | 2 years ago

  • Cristi is too much fun...

    Had an Airbnb in Sunrise Manor with a few old high school friends. I invited Cristi and she came with a couple of friends. I had not been that served for a long while. Having her entertain me was the highlight of my stay in Vegas.

    By: Doug Mane | 2 years ago

  • Ultimate Discretion is Her Forte

    Cristi is the real definition of an entertainer. She did not let a second go to waste in ensuring she occupied me with all forms of sexiness and entertainment. She is by far much more entertaining than I thought. Her discretion is what will attract me to her again and again.

    By: Reed M. | 2 years ago