About Elena

Are you feeling gloomy and needing some revitalization? Some sensual, feminine warmth to heat you up from the insides out, or needing to simply get your groove back? I am Elena and I can deliver even beyond your expectation.
As simple as watching me work on my body will intensely arouse your emotions. You deserve absolute genuineness, not the misleading ads that are spread across the web. In my case, you get exactly what is seen in my shots; exotic and classy material.I am ready to give you all of me on a savory platter of gold.

You can almost taste me on your lips right now, how about we make it real?,
Call me right away gentleman.

(308) 225-4006

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(308) 225-4006

3 reviews for Elena

Overall Rating: 4.7

    When I think of Elena, what comes to mind is how homely and warm she was. I completely forgot I hired her for a service. She cuddled me so close, I felt like a baby in her arms! For that experience alone, I think Vegas is the best part of the US!

    By: Ryan Bright | 2 years ago

    I just got back home to Chicago and I am reminiscing about the wonderful time that Elena and I had. We hooked up the minute I landed Vegas and the rest of my stay there was pure paradise. In my opinion, her quality of service is second to none. I can’t wait to repeat this experience.

    By: D.K. Strauss | 2 years ago

  • She Amazed Me!

    Elena is sweet and knowledgeable. I actually thought she may not have what it takes to impress me, but I was wrong. She is experienced and professional at what she does. Nice companion.

    By: Quyen Frank | 2 years ago