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Personally-Identifying Information collects personally-identifying information just like other websites. Personally-identifying information includes the IP addresses of users and their comments on blogs. The collected IP addresses of the users may be disclosed under the circumstances that shall be discussed herein.

Non-Personally Identifying Information collects non-personally identifying information that may include web browsers and servers details of its visitors. These details include referring site, browser type, preferred language, date, and time when a person visits the website. We may disclose non-personally identifying information in aggregate like when publishing reports on trends in the use of this website.

This website may also collect certain information when you request its service.

Such information includes:

  • Your phone number
  • Email address
  • Name
  • Hotel or address

Please note that such information is used for purposes of providing the requested service, creation of internal reports, demographics, and evaluation of the traffic patterns of the users.

Use of Cookies uses cookies just like most websites to track its access and use. Cookies are simply small data files placed by a website in a computer. The role of these files it to keep a record and track visitor’s information in some cases. Nevertheless, you have the freedom to prefer not to accept cookies.

However, if you disable cookies, you may not view some parts of this directory properly. That’s because the action may impair the functionality of some parts of the website. uses cookies for purposes of personalizing how content or data is populated on this website. Cookies are used in measuring the effectiveness of the provided services as well as promoting trust and safety. Additionally, cookies help in mitigating fraud and risk.

How Uses the Gathered Information

The information that collects from its users is mainly used to improve service delivery.

This website uses the gathered information to do any of the following:

  • Provide a superior customer service: collects information that enables it to respond to service requests and offer the required support in a more efficient manner.
  • Improve the site: When you provide feedback, may use it to enhance the functionality of the website and the offered services.
  • Personalize user experience: The managers and administrators of this website use the provided or aggregate information to comprehend how the provided services or resources are used by visitors.
  • Run operations smoothly: The provided information enables to run surveys, promotions, and contents as well as other operations smoothly. This data can be used by the site administrators to determine topics that interest visitors.
  • Communication: When you opt-into the mailing list of, the site sends you periodic emails that include news, updates, and other forms of service information. The site uses information like phone number and address to provide the requested service more efficiently and smoothly.

Protecting Your Information has instituted appropriate practices and measures to collect, store, and process information. Essentially, this website does everything within its powers to make sure that the collected information is protected from unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, or destruction.

Disclosure of Personal Information does not sell, rent, or trade personal information of its users. However, the directory may share generic, demographic aggregate data that doesn’t link to personal information of any specific visitor or user. It can share such information with trusted advertisers, business partners and affiliates for purposes that this Privacy Policy outlines only.

This directory might also share the information with its third-party services providers for purposes of enhancing business operations or administering activities that may include sending newsletters and surveys. will share this information with the third parties for the specified purposes only when you allow it.


You may find adverts on Please note that these are delivered by advertisers to users that have not disabled cookies in their devices. Cookies enable ad servers to identify or recognize the computer of the user when sending online ads. They enable them to compile non-personally identifying information of the users of different computers. This information enables ad networks to deliver targeted adverts that seem beneficial to those users. Privacy Policy does not cover cookies usage by advertisers.

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