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Private Delights

Private Delights follows the tradition of many popular adult websites by having a weird domain name; for this website, it is ‘ch.’ However that has never stopped anyone from using these websites in the best and most efficient way possible. The site is a Swiss domain but it has predominantly United States locations. What the website does is to provide a virtual meeting ground for casual dating and companionship activities between two parties where one of them gets paid at the end. The website has two interfaces; one designed for the girls, called the providers, and one designed for guests, called clients. This makes private delights a sort of meeting platform for companionship and other adult services. All that the site does is act as a facilitator for both parties without taking any responsibility for any of their actions after setting up the meet.

Features of Private Delights

Here are some of the screening options that you will find on the website:

  • Permanent Reviews : Reviews are saved permanently on the website; what this means is that your reviews stay online even on the occasion where the website shuts down. Also, you can decide whether your reviews stay permanent or not.
  • Screen Clients: Poor experiences and bad stories are often associated with dating and hookup websites. Private Delights tries to protect the girls by adding a feature to the website where they can screen potential clients. This will allow a provider to check out the verified reviews of the potential client from other providers.
  • Attractive but Realistic Listings: There is a dedicated full-page listing of beautiful, racy, and gorgeous pictures of hot women who are registered as providers on the website. It also contains other details and you can get access to their contact info.

Also, the pictures are realistic as possible – you won’t see any retouched photo on the website where the girls look unbelievably hot.

  • Providers are verified: The only way you can post on the website is after getting verified. Therefore, any picture you see on the hookup page is that of a verified girl. This gives Private Delights a level of credibility that some adult websites do not have.
  • Easy to Use: The searches on the website are designed to be location-specific i.e. you don’t have to surf every corner of the website before seeing a girl in your location. Listings are also detailed in order to give clients an idea of what to expect – you know what you are getting.

Clients can choose to save some profiles as favorites which they can always at a later time.

  • Payment Method: The two options for payment for hookups arranged on the site are Coin base and Cash app. These are two common payment methods in the country and the adoption of the two methods is to ensure convenience. Coin base, in particular, is a very easy, fast, and secure means of making Bitcoin payments.

Review Of Private Delights


The most fascinating thing about Private Delights (other than the girls of course) is the attention to detail and proof of content. The website tries to develop a feeling of trust between providers and clients by ensuring that all parties are satisfied.

For providers, you have to verify your profile to confirm that there is no funny business. One of the easiest ways to lose credibility is bad word of mouth. The moment you have a lot of unsatisfied clients due to a stark difference between profile and reality, you are certain to catch some bad press.

The website tries to avoid this by ensuring all of its providers are verified. In essence, before any of the girls can post their photos online, they have to go through a P411 verification process.


Private Delights has gotten some flak from some past users for trying to pass off as a dating site. It is not a dating site.

The fact that the site is not an escort agency means you can get involved with an escort that end up stealing from you and the website will do nothing about it.


The escort dating world gets bigger every day. It is easy to get lost in the ocean of pictures and threads related to sex on various hookup sites. You can get overwhelmed by the things you see online and end up not getting your money’s worth.

This is one of the meeting platforms for companionship that tries to provide proof of content and that is quite remarkable. It might just be what works for you, provided you are willing to go beyond the bad reviews and pay for its membership. Also, you will have to take the risk of getting into some legal issues.

However, Private Delights looks credible enough and the fact that there are less than 300 girls gives you the opportunity to make a thorough search.