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usa sex guide

Explore Naughty America with the USA Sex Guide

The USA Sex Guide is easy to use but an incredible forum that brings over 500,000 people together. These are mostly people who like massage parlors, sex or strip clubs, and travel for sex, hire escorts, and many more all around the United States.

Anytime you go on the site, there will be a few hundred members online. The forum allows members to share reviews of the establishments and escorts. They can also post lists, travel information, photos, maps, guides as well as talk about their interests and sex toys freely.

The site is the biggest sex travel website on the internet. Of course, only those that are 18 (or 21 in some countries) and above are allowed to register on the site. Before you can join the forum, there are some points that you have to agree to. You can also activate your membership.

The USA Sex Guide is a haven for all open-minded persons. If you want to know more about how to navigate the forum and get the best from it, keep reading!


How to Register?

When you open the USA Sex Guide website, you will be greeted with a blank blue page warning you of the content of the site. This is meant to ensure that those under 18 or 21, or those that are uncomfortable with viewing such information, cannot enter. If you agree to their terms, you click on ENTER HERE and are redirected to the forum. The site is really easy to use and navigate, once you go from here.

If you don’t register, you cannot make any posts but you can view some forums. You also cannot view the photos. There are different forums you can join and are listed on the page. You will see ads of massage parlors and escort agencies that you might be interested in. To register on the Forum, you click on the Register option at the left-hand side of the page.

When you click on this, you are redirected to the registration site. There, you will have to select if you are a Forum User, Escort for Paid Advertising, or Free Escort. You also have to choose your username, password, email address, time zone, and of course, agree to the terms and conditions of the site.

Once you do this, you have officially registered and you can enjoy their forums or contact any advertised establishment. Plus, the registration is completely free.


Becoming a Member

There are different membership plans that you can become a part of rather than being a normal member of the USA Sex Guide forum. There are four levels of membership in the Forum.

  • Members Awaiting Email Activation: These are the new members who have registered but have not received their activation code. Thus, they can view posts but cannot make any posts until the registration process is complete.
  • Regular Members: These are those whose registration process has been completed. They can make posts view photos and messages, as well as contact other members on the forum. They also have access to basic services on the forum.
  • Senior Members: These are the members who have been on the Forum for more than six months and have made more than 25 contributions to the board.
  • Un moderated Members: These are the senior members whose posts are not moderated. They still write their reports according to the rules of the forum.


Price Ranges

Although all the basic services provided by the USA Sex Guide are free, there some prices you need to pay for adult entertainment. This includes sex services, massage parlors, and escort services.

In the US, the price of sex services can be between $50 and $1,000, depending on what you’re getting. A good massage parlor offers services for prices between $200 and $400. There are also escort services for all, including lesbian and gay couples. You can find all these services in forms of advertisements when you register on the Forum.


Frequently Asked Questions

Before you join the USA Sex Guide, there are probably questions you have. Here are some of the most asked questions:

  • What’s the point of the forum?

The forum is meant to organize the exchange of information between people looking for sex.

  • How can I thank the site?

You can donate to any of the WSG charities supported by the Forum or submit a report.

  • Are there allowances for Muslim women?

Yes, there are. Muslim women from certain countries are allowed to post their pictures.

  • Can I place personal escort ads?

Yes, you can. You can place them in the Classified Ad section.

You can find about a hundred other FAQs on the Forum site that you can view without signing up.


Last Thoughts

This forum is a must for anyone looking for a site with open-minded people like themselves. The forum is free, available in a lot of US cities and other countries, allows private advertisements, and allows members to communicate personally. The USA Sex Guide is the most popular forum, and if you’re looking to have some fun, it’s a great choice!