What is a Table Shower During an Asian Massage?

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Asian table showers are popular with Korean and Japanese spa treatments. The process uses a table shower to hydrate and loosens up the body’s joints. This traditional method is associated with sexy massage parlors. Before committing to a massage at an Asian spa, contact the spa to inquire about their table shower policy. Some of them even offer disposable underwear. If you’re still unsure about this practice, read on to find out more about it.

Table showers provide a better spa experience

Table showers are used in Asian massage parlor for a more intimate and sensual experience. The water pulsates around the body’s seven chakras, which represent energy centers located in the spinal cord. The massage helps cleanse the body and fill chakras with positive energy while washing away toxins. The massage therapist then repeats the process on the front portion of the body. He or she then pats the body dry with a towel.

They hydrate and loosen up muscles and joints

Table showers help hydrate the body and ease muscle and joint pain. The water jets are adjusted to fit the desired pressure and temperature. It is also believed to help the immune system and boost lymphatic circulation. This gentle massage also encourages blood flow and helps rid the body of toxins. It is the ideal treatment for any kind of muscle and joint pain. Here are the top benefits of table showers:

They provide a relaxing and refreshing treatment

A table shower is a popular addition to Asian massages. The process is akin to taking a shower in bed but done in a semi-naked state. This gives table showers a somewhat erotic feel. The popularity of this practice has led some Asian massage parlors to add it to their services. They advertised it as a sensual, sexual experience, complete with “happy endings.”

They are an age-old spa practice

A table shower is a unique method of undergoing an Asian massage. The water pressure is adjusted to stimulate the body’s circulation and metabolic elimination functions while relaxing sore muscles and reducing stress. During an Asian massage, the table shower is an optional extra or a standalone treatment, depending on the spa’s preferences. It is also sometimes used to rinse off products applied during other spa treatments.

They are not too hot or too cold

When undergoing an Asian massage, you may have experienced a table shower. It’s a special body treatment that is usually offered before the massage. The Asian table shower involves the use of salt scrubs and natural remedies to cleanse the skin. This unique treatment is a great way to relax. Table showers are similar to traditional hydrotherapy. Julius Caesar first discovered the benefits of water therapy in Vichy, France, and the Romans followed suit by building thermal springs.