What is a Table Shower During an Asian Massage?

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Table showers are popular in Korean and Japanese spa treatments. It hydrates, loosens up joints, and is connected to sexy massage parlors. When it comes to booking a massage at an Asian spa, you should ask if they offer table shower treatment before making a commitment. Some of them even provide disposable underwear. If you want to learn more about this treatment before trying it out yourself, keep reading.

A better spa experience

Asian massage parlors use table showers for a more intimate and sensual experience. The water pulsates through the seven chakras that represent energy centers in the spinal cord of our bodies. The massage cleanses your body and fills the chakras with positive energy as it washes away toxins. The therapist will repeat the process on your front side next then pat you dry with a towel.

Hydrate and loosen muscles and joints

Table showers hydrate the body and ease joint pain as well as muscle stiffness. The jets are adjustable to match the pressure and temperature that best suits your preferences during the bath session. They also boost lymphatic circulation which helps our immune system perform better. Gentle massages like these improves blood flow too while flushing out any toxins trapped inside your body making it ideal for those who suffer from muscle or joint pain. Here’s why table showers can be beneficial:

Relaxing & Refreshing

It’s no secret that table showers are a popular addition to Asian massages when taken into consideration how amazing they feel once you’re done with your session! Water pouring down on your semi-naked self while lying comfortably on bed gives off an erotic vibe that many would enjoy indulging themselves in knowing how much they’ll benefit from it after being advertised by some Asian spas as sensual sexual experience ending with “happy endings.”

Age old method

The Asian table shower is unique because of its way of stimulating circulation, metabolic elimination functions while relaxing sore muscles and reducing stress all at once. This treatment is usually offered before an Asian massage or as a singular treatment (depending on the spa’s preferences) and sometimes used to rinse off products applied during other spa treatments.

Not too hot, not too cold

Chances are you may have experienced a table shower while undergoing an Asian massage. This treatment is considered special as it uses salt scrubs and natural remedies to cleanse your skin before heading into your massage. The uniqueness of this treatment will surely help you relax while also providing the same benefits that traditional hydrotherapy does. Water therapy was discovered by Julius Caesar in Vichy, France and Romans later followed his footsteps by building thermal springs.